Swiss Religious Heritage Day


In its online edition of December 23rd, 2017, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung published a map of converted churches in Switzerland based on our database of the Swiss Religious Heritage Days. The map is integrated into an article. Recorded are 96 objects, chapels and monasteries were omitted. The interactive map is accompanied by a list of recorded churches with information about the place, name of the church and type of conversion. The list can be arranged alphabetically. The map gives a good overview of the frequency of the Type of Conversion, because the different types are differentiated in color. In addition, it gives an impression of the frequency in the different regions of Switzerland. Most of the conversions are in the three cities of Basel, Bern and Geneve, only a few in the Alpine region. 

-> Map NZZ

In its online edition of December, 22nd, 2018, the newspaper Blick also published a map of converted churches in Switzerland, also based on the database. 

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