Swiss Religious Heritage Day



Prof. Dr. Johannes Stückelberger, Art Historian, Lecturer for Religion and Church Aesthetics at the University of Bern, Titular Professor for Modern Art History at the University of Basel.



Lena Pflüger, BA in Art History, research assistant

Lara Willibald, BA in Art History, research assistant

Adina Karrer, office

David Elsig, assistant, French Translation

Collaborators Database Modern Church Building: Otto Bonnen, Leonie Fricker, Tamino Gafner, Rosam Keller, Ayako Kyodo, Lilija Monkevic, Sophia Nava, Lena Pflüger, Patricia Striebel, Nora Weber, Lara Willibald


Former staff members

Ann-Kathrin Seyffer, MA in Art History und Theology, research assistant

Office: Vera Scartazzini, Sara Egger

Collaborators Exhibition and Database Church Conversions: Nathalie Annen, Sara Egger, Fabian Felder, Sabina Galeazzi, Béatrice Gauvain, Vera Scartazzini, Ann-Kathrin Seyffer, Sina von Aesch

Assistants of the Liturgical Competence Center of the University of Bern.